Right now, our staff and volunteers cannot be physically present in hospitals, at overnight camp or in the community, but the magic of camp continues in an entirely new way—yes, we’ve gone 100% virtual! Our team is innovating and delivering year-round virtual programs to kids and families affected ny childhood cancer, digitally connecting them to a community of care and support every day. We are still together even, when we’re apart.

Here’s what one grateful parent told us:

“We are being asked to reach out and thank our front-line workers. What they do not know is that for many of us, Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium are also our front-line workers. Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium keep our kids medically safe while allowing them to fight the isolation of cancer treatments and the stigma of being different. Affected families know all too well what this isolation feels like. We’ve lived it. For many, we only got through the isolation thanks to you.”


Cancer changes a child's life. So does camp. And so can you.

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