You can do double the good for our kids at Camp!

You can hear the Voices of Ooch across Ontario. They echo through the hallways of hospitals, through our community, and in our heart—Ooch Muskoka.

The voices of our incredible Campers, volunteers, medical staff, families, and donors like you.

Today, add your voice to the Ooch chorus. Your gift will provide joy, hope, and resiliency to kids and families affected by childhood cancer in your communities. Donate today, and your gift will be matched! When you give before December 31, Rexall Care Network will match your gift up to $37,500! Thank you, Rexall Care Network!

You will help kids with cancer just be kids.

What are your three words you would use to describe Ooch? Camper Emily describes Ooch as “Fun! Helpful! Caring! Loving! Playful!” Include them, or any message you wish with your donation and we will share them with our families. Thank you!

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